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Aquatrak Solar Pool Heater Pump Controller

The Aquatrak solar pool heater pump controller is designed to ensure your pool gets the best out of the installed solar heater. The system monitors the pool temperature and the solar heater water temperature and activates the pump when required. The unit has only one parameter the maximum temp to operate. The unit has two mode auto mode and manual mode. In auto mode the system will determine when the pump should be turned on. In manual mode the operator can turn the pump on and off.

A Solor Pump Controller packing box

Aquatrak Unique sensor adaptor/installer

The Aquatrak Solar Pump Controller measures the temperature using simple NTC thermistors. The sensors are housed in a durable resin plug and come with a simple resin mounting bracket designed to be placed over the 40mm PVC piping typically used in pool solar heater systems. The sensors come with a 2 meter lead this can be shortened or lengthened as required. The use of figure 8 cable similar to the cable used on the sensors is recommended. Please note the sensor housing colour will vary depending on the colour of resin in the 3D printer at the time. 

if your pipes are of a different diameter to the standard 40mm PVC pipe, contact us with the outside diameter and we will make a specific sensor assembly for you and send out free of charge to use with your system purchased from Aquatrak. 

Temperature Sensor attached to 40mm pipe Temperature Sensor with Silicon applied

Product Features

The Aquatrak solar pool heater pump controller has a number of features. Modes: Auto Mode: will monitor pool and roof and operate the unit as required. Manual Mode: unit can be operated manually. Winter Mode: the unit will operate for 5min every 4 days just to keep the system functional. Programmable Features There are various feathure that can be programmed and set. The maximum pool temperature the unit will operate to. Default to 35C The minimum temperature the system will work in Auto Mode. Defaults to disabled. The temperature difference between the pool and the roof to activate the system in Auto Mode. Defaults to 5C The temperature difference between the pool and the roof to deactivate the system in Auto Mode. Defaults to 1C The minimum Pump On time in Auto Mode. Defaults to 5 minutes. All these setting can be adjusted and set in the unit.

Product Specifications

 Operating Voltage  220-240Vac 50Hz
 Output Pump Maximum current  10A continiuos 15A surge
 Temperature Senors  10K NTC Thermistors with B25/50 calibration coefficient 3936K
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To purchase a unit please contact Aquatrak, to keep the cost down we do not have a ecommerce site. email us for payment details and devivery instruction
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