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We live in a dry country often in a state of drought. Water is a precious resource and saving water is good for the environment. All in all, utilizing water more efficently has both financial and ecological advantages. Saving water is everyone’s responsibility, it is a basic resource, critical to our survival. We as a whole should do our part to monitor water. With regards to save water, a little change can have a major effect. There are numerous approaches to ration water, and they all beginning with us.

In an average family, in excess of 28,000 liters of water are squandered each year. Conservation of water is good for your expenses it is significant for the environment.

Interested in saving water at home? Aquatrak offers innovative and easy to install add-on solutions for the shower. Save up to 30% water and energy!


Low Flow High-Efficiency

Aquatrak provide A low-flow, high-efficiency devices which lowers the fixture's water usage by about 30 percent, by changing your behavior in the shower. Making the switch to Aquatrak devices could help you save more than 7000 liters of water every year per person. Save water and conserve our precious resource by using Aquatrak.

Here are some benefits offered by Aquatrak

Benefit #1

Aquatrak water saving arrangements make it conceivable to save considerable amounts of water without diminishing adequacy and reasonableness.

Benefit #2

“It was so easy to install”
The Aquatrak water saving items are straightforward additional items for showers. They can be installed by anybody quickly.

Benefit #3

“I substantially improved my sustainability”
By installing Aquatrak you can see significant impact on your power consumption, showers use hot water which needs to be heated.

Benefit #4

“Everyone can use the solutions”
Aquatraks items can be utilized all over. Regardless of whether you are a business, with an office, or an air terminal or a buyer with a loft or house. Our imaginative water saving fixture are outwardly engaging, compelling and agreeable to utilize. For organizations, we likewise offer customized arrangements.

Saving is Caring, Every Drop Counts

‘’Saving water not just saves cash, it is likewise about focusing on the climate. By lessening your water utilization to what you truly require, decreases CO2, preserves water. Aquatrak helps us change our behavior and preserve our precious resource’’

Work out how much water you use and discover how could you save your financial and natural resources of planet.

smart water usage monitor

Aquatrak has been developed to help us all save water. An average household uses up to 30% of its water usage in the shower. Aquatrak is a simple device that will monitor the water usage during your shower and display it in real time. It is expected that by monitoring your water usage in real time you will reduce your water consumption while you showering. The product objective is to change your behavior to reduce water consumption.

The Aquatrak product has been developed to be very low cost with the objective of reducing our water consumption. Every little bit helps. Even a 5% reduction in water consumption will pay back the cost of the product in less than 1 year. After some months of using this product I have noticed a significant reduction in our water consumption.

water consumption monitoring system

water usage tracker

Aquatrak is battery powered and uses the latest in ePaper display technology that consumes zero power when inactive and the display remains active. The unit operates on a single 9V square battery and depending on the number of showers should last typically 6 months.

Aquatrak is a product developed and invented by Mark Barber from Extron Design Services



This product was the result of comments from my daughter. As a firefighter for DELWP in Victoria she was complaining there was a horrible shortage of water for firefighting during the 2019/20 fires in Victoria. I was told invent something to help with the water shortage. After a number of months of contemplation Aquatrak is the result. It also helped that during the lockdown here in Victoria I had the time to develop a new product.

water consumption monitor

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Aquatrak is a new product and has not yet gone to production. Due to the high initial production costs of plastic tooling. Aquatrak is intending to use crowdfunding to get the product into production.
We need your help and support to make this a reality and help save our precious water resources.

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