Aqutrak is a family of products designed to help with water conservation and protection.

Our Current product list

  • Pool Solar Heater Controller 
    The pool solar heater water pump controller allows easy automatic control of the roof top solar heater for your pool. Ensuring the best and most efficient use of the roof top salaor to help maintain the pool temperature. 
  • Shower Water saving meter
    The Aquatrak shower water meter is designed to help you monitor your water usage in the shower. Help to save water.
  • Water Tank BT Meter
    The farm Water Tank BT meter allows quick and easy measurement of water levels.  

Latest Work

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Automaticlly control your pool water temp


Save water and reduce costs

Real Time tracvk your water usage


Aquatrak is a division of Extron Design. This product family is devoted to water conservation and ensuring the best and most effificent use of our precious water resources. 


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